What to do first, an intuitive visitor asks. Here's where you start as this is the most enlightening and informative area on Ruchiccio.com. That's because it explains the ins and outs of Ruchiccio. The entire drawn-out history of how it started, at which point in my life this major change took place, which people played a large role of influencing it - all that and more. Explore Ruchiccio and before you know it, you'll be caught up in the Ruchiccian wave!

Just as the title reads, these are some awesome pictures I shot over the years. I love photography, and part of my job even revolves around it. Just please don't say something like 'you should enter that in a photo contest' because you'll be touching on a raw nerve or two. You see, I did just that - I entered Costco's Annual Photo Contest many years in a row and didn't win for some really odd reason. Judge must've had a cataract, that's all. (Attention Webthiefs: No use in you hotlinking any images since they are in Flash anyway.)

Here's where you'll find my vast collection of drawings, images and backgrounds which are originals. Now, this is an opportune time to point out something - pictures resembling mine which do not bear an RS signature aren't mine. They're either knockoffs or Chinese counterfeits. To find out how you can be a proud owner of a full-resolution background wallpaper for your computer, ask me via the contact page.

Most of the items in this section are poems. There are traditional poems (the ones that rhyme and have rhythm) and even a few limericks (those short poems invented in 1902 which have a rhyme scheme of AABBA) thrown in, too. Whatever you'll see that doesn't rhyme usually won't be a poem (I don't particularly favor the unrhymy poems - I mean, why don't they just call it an essay or something - definitely not a poem!). You'll also find some articles on interesting and informative topics, like why writing is simply the greatest thing on earth!

You know when they combine words like 'zelda' and 'lettuce' to get 'zealous'? Ruchitionary's really comprised of the words "Ruchiccio's Dictionary" but that's way too long. A friend, don't remember which one, gave me this smab title for my list of original words. This is the spot where I put some, just some, of the many words I made up over time. As word origination is one of my main hobbies, lots of new words are added all the time. A teacher relative of mine who got influenced by my funny lingo, once found herself making up words in the middle of teaching a class!

Here's where you get to leave compliments, inquiries and other such time-consuming correspondence. Not a time to be shy...